I do not know you, but from what I read in your coment that...

Richelle - March 14 2011, 2:07 PM

I do not know you, but from what I read in your coment that give me a close idea and beable to draw my inference of what kind of person are you.In by the way who doesn't have negative past?I can answer that one, the name is Jesus.Only him, Can you throw the first rock no you can not. Think about what I say and be honest to yourself.Stop your inclination to ruin michel, because of his past, you will not seceed.your candidate is not the best one either, she stole lesly from his first wife.You do not hold that against her, you want to talk about his past only.Well if you can not talk about them both individual past.Then you have no leg to stand, with your allegation against micky ok.We the haitian people we rather go with michel than mirlande, how long she been in politic?I leave that for you to answer.

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Funny how much you think you know me from just...

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