Voting for Martelly is renouncing with darkness!

Cap Hatien - March 13 2011, 7:02 PM

I can`t believe that anyone with his good sense would ask people to go out and vote for Michel after all those things I that I witnessed in Petion Ville where I grew up, some people might come to appreciate him for his audacity, but He is not what Haiti needs as a president to lead the nation not just from the disaster from earthquake but to lead in all cylenders.

He is the opposite of anything that we can expect for him and it would be a joke for him to be elected even as a city delegate.How would he be able to manage the country if he cannot even manage his own home privately and publicly, I said publicly because I lived in Petion Ville and went to Place Boyer to listen to him after the coup when he was paid by affiliate that turns the country upside down. I do not have a preference but voting for Martelly will be suicidal for the nation as a whole and the new generation, voting for Martelly is voting for Baby Doc, voting for Martelly is voting for FRAP, voting for Martelly is voting for violence and discrimination, voting Martelly is voting against freedom of free speech as we noticed in the presidential debate.

voting for Martelly is voting for unstabily in all aspect.

voting for Martelly is simply voting for more Bidonville or slums, Martelly is one of many choices that Haiti can`t afford, voting is not nothing about the candidate but which direction do you want for the country.All Haitians have that choice to make right now, make a choice for the nation not for your personal Gain. Voting Martelly is voting for repression and we do not need that!

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