Mr. Edmond Jean-Baptiste, You will be pleased to know that i...

Tet Kale - March 13 2011, 6:34 AM

Mr. Edmond Jean-Baptiste,
You will be pleased to know that i received your message, and want you to know that i have come to my senses where me, family and partisans of the 'Repons Peyizan' population will be giving our vote to Madame Mirlande Manigat as my Minister of Education within my Presidential Administration.

This was important decision of mine, and i hope it will have to approved by Parliament.

I truly do believe that she will be approved by the INITE Senators and Deputies, and the population as a whole, because they find her to be worthy of that honor.

I certainly do think it is the right choice.

It is true that some have criticized her for not being in the heart of the battle for education for the population.

She did help to write the constitution, but really never paid attention to the part that deals with education.

She has opted to write something on the constition and have even published her constitution; a very honorable task. This decision was certainly helped with all the people that have been screaming bam manman', because they think she will be good teache.

I think so too. As a matter of fact, i hope she will be kind enough to be the counselor of my Presidential Administrative Staff on matters concerning the constitution.

Moreover, may be i will agree for her to tutor my children from time to time, as she has suggested on occasions.

Mr. Jean-Baptiste, this is the kind of progressive thinking we want to permeate our new day and mentality for Haiti.

Hope you will find time to volunteer and help our school system, we need bright thinkers, just like you, to elevate and cultivate the country from the old and unproductive thinking that has been around doing nothing for the young and future of Haiti.

Thank you,
Tet Kale

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