In my sincere opinion Mrs Manigat is well informed and well...

Max Mills - March 10 2011, 9:13 PM

In my sincere opinion Mrs Manigat is well informed and well prepared than her opponent.

Mr Martelly has behaved like a hight school student who got a project to do and went to the library to do his research on the run. He stated it after the closure of the debate in the interview.

He has the tendency to be angry and sending false notes to his opponent.

Times to times he attacks the lady just to show something and it is not good or appropriate for a future president.

In this case you might be to arrogant and rigid and become a dictator because your attitude will always attract enemies in your camp. ( Imagine one the journalist asked him how he is planning to manage the country 's budget if you cannot manage you personal business for you to lose three houses in the states).

Beware the man is broke.

In the other way Mrs Manigat shows respect for him as she insisted for him to show a little respect.


I think she has shown to the public nationally and internationally that she has patience, she is calm and has the knowledge and wisdom to do a job. Mr Martelly has shown to the public his arrogance and lack of knowledge of what he suppose to do as a president.

Yes we all need a change, young minds as he said but Mrs Manigat is well informed also about the latest technology which is taking place now as an old lady who has been around for the last 3 decades.

Make no mistakes the old lady is still standing on her feet and I am proud of her.I wasn't expecting that from her.Well I did say it before he is not ready to be president.

Your vote, use it wisely.

(se mwen ki di'l )

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