Fanatic Mme Manigat, Nou pa konen ke moun serye pa negosye ak...

Jynee - March 9 2011, 12:10 PM

Fanatic Mme Manigat,

Nou pa konen ke moun serye pa negosye ak teryoris?

koman fe ke Me Manigat fe alyans ak pil vole teryoris Inite yo. Nou pa konen ke pil san sal an Inite yo kom Lambert, celestin, paul denis gen plan po yo tire sou pep la pandan election an pou yo ka kraze election.

yo pare pou yo al nan zone ki sipote Martelly po you masakre pep la!

Mme Manigat plans on repeating the same mistake as her husband who made an alliance with l'Armee D'Haiti for the presidency.

She's made the same alliance with Preval and his Inite crooks who plan on terriorizing the haitian people to keep them from going to the poll on march 20

men gras a Dieu, yo pakab bloke delivrans Haiti!

Mme Manigat menm fe alyans ak Dyab (the occult) moun ka fe gro magi poul pran pouvwa.

Mezanmi, ala yon ti madam renmen pouvwa papa.

To all the the people that say she has the capacity to lead because she's educated.

She has the knowledge but does she really have the ability?

after she made the Alliance with those thieves in Inite, do you think they are going to let her rule her way?

do you see the people who stand behind her in her rallies, the same criminal bloodsuckers who has been sucking Haiti dry for decades, they don't plan on stopping that's why they support her. Martelly bringing in fresh blood so they see them losing their vampire blood sucking grip off haiti, that's why they don't like him. SInce when did Haitian politician had any moral?

Besdides, why did she not use all her knowledge and legal prowess to move the country forward?

Had she been at the forefront fighting illiteracy, women's and Children's right, simplyfying and creating access to the legal system for the poor, she would not be so desperate, it would have been obvious to all of us that she is a true leader.

Lesson for all the faux/wannabe leaders: it is not when you become president, you work to change the country rather it is when you work to change the country, you become president!

she wants political power because politic is all she knows, but Haiti doesn't anymore politicians, it need developers, people with the heart and mind to change and move the country forward.

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I disagree,paske li ka pa conprann sa Mirlande ap di...

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