Cpt D, That was a good read, i enjoyed it very much. You and i...

Ronald Altieri - March 8 2011, 9:01 AM

Cpt D,

That was a good read, i enjoyed it very much. You and i know that i probably have said too much about my background, which is best ketp ` was briefed to keep in the shadows.

Mind you, i am nothing special when it comes to someone who had served good old Uncle Sam. I am not a flagd waiver, but i do believe in the ideals of our Constitution - needless to say - and the in the dreams of our USA and its peoples.

It is abvious that you have been there and done. Cool!
As to whether i would consider being part of developing a Security Force for President Manigat, i thought he already had a security force, and they all were hired by Preval (that was a joke).

Back to focus.

As to giving a hand in developing a Security Force for Mrs. Manigat, I tell you the truth, I am flattered when i think that there are others who are more qulaified and more deserving of this privilege.

But if destiny would have it as you so confidently implied, and Michel Martelly was to become the Prime Minister, then i could see where i would be interested in giving your idea some consideration.

Come to think of it, if Mrs. Manigat becomes the Prime Minister then absolutely we can sit down and talk about a variation of your proposal.

In that scenario I would want to help you - to whatever extent - to protect Haiti and the govermental programs of Haiti by helping to protect his Prime Minister.

But i am more interested in protecting children and the future of Haiti.

I am entirely open to talking about a manifesto for a non-paid unarmed voluntary Civil Force to support the National Police and/or Armed Forces of the Nation in performing such duties as helping during national disasters (i.e Hurricanes, Floods, etcetera).

This, so that Haitians could be the first to help themselves as First Responders, and not sit and wait for the International to come and do what we should have started to do ourselves.

I know that i have mentioned this to you before.

This Voluntary Civil Force could also be a neighborhood eyes looking-out to see who is abusing children and women or men for that matter.

They would be the boys/men and girl/women National Scouts - so to speak - with their loyalty rooted in their civic duties as guardian angels of the citizens of Haiti being their sisters and brothers.

I know you are going to be busy. I, also, will be in my 'Spiritual Mode' for the next forty days starting tomorrow.

I will say congratulations to Mirlande or Michel on the 25th of April.

Until then take care and be well.

Until next time.

God Bless Haiti!

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