The only group Martelly did not associate with is Lavalas, how...

Jessica - March 7 2011, 2:57 PM

The only group Martelly did not associate with is Lavalas, how he can claim to be a candidate of change, I have no idea. God forbid he became president, another 20 years going backwards.

Oh heck No! A Martelly government would be very bad for Haiti.- I urge you people do some research on the man, you are not asking to form or lead a musical band you are asking him to have vision, to think, things that Martelly was never good at any point of his life, I would like to know where you would rate him as a singer, a keyboardist.

You guys talk about his succes, he is a self proclaimed millionaires but now apparently he is being foreclosed on 3 houses in Florida.

Please, people vote the lesser of the 2 evils: vote #68.

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Jessica, not too long ago they were saying that Obama...

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ou pale d'or majoriter haitien yo tet anba yo pa bien...

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