Hey Woody, Yeah, they think they are so smart. That kind of...

Wapsuiv - February 28 2011, 9:30 PM

Hey Woody,
Yeah, they think they are so smart.

That kind of move comes under concept of subliminal messages or transmission.

It works, but it could also work against the person that initiates it.
Take a look at her picture posted underneath michel's with his pink shirt with his arms raised in the air, you will see that she has a green hat, a white t-shirt and the baby she is holding is wearing a yellow shirt.

Here's the catch, Woody, INITE's colors are yellow, green and white, and in that one she is trying to pull the INITE voters with a psychological bait or hook, if you will.
But with the pink shirt she is wearing in this picture is an effort in trying to close the gap mentally with Michel, she does not want to be seen as different, but as an equal.

The purpose is to close in on Michel strong and overwhelming percentage points on the polls.

You see they know that if things do not shape up real fast in about two weeks, there will be no chance for them to make this an interesting fight with the Tet Kale and Pink population.

I would suggest that they start dancing and singing, may be even rap an opera tune.


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LOL... That's very funny... I didn't thunk about that

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