A Criminal Trial Against Duvalier Is Impossible

Heinhein - February 23 2011, 12:31 PM

For all those who need something to chew on for the day here is the latest scoop with Mr. Jean-Claude Duvalier.

The article says:

At a press briefing Monday to present the legal case of "Baby Doc", the lawyers of the former President, returned in his country after 25 years of exile have declared that a trial, whether for crimes against humanity or corruption, against Duvalier was impossible.

Recall that the former President is currently the object of 20 complaints filed in front of the Haitian justice, by victims of his regime for inter alia: corruption, embezzlement, conspiracy...

Rejecting the arguments advanced by the prosecutor of Haiti, to pursue their client for crimes against humanity, Mr. Duvalier's lawyers have said that Haitian law does not recognize this notion.

"Haiti has not ratified the Conventions of New York and Cartagena concerning the persecution and torture.

Moreover, he added, the International Criminal Court, created in 2002 recognizes that we can not pursue someone for crimes committed on a date prior to its creation" said Mr. Canton Frizto one of his lawyers which indicated that the complaints against his client for crimes against humanity can not serve as a basis for any legal action against Mr. Duvalier, being clearly defined by the Nuremberg tribunal in 1945.
"A trial against Duvalier for crimes against humanity is not possible in Haiti, given the fact that we don't have legislation on this matter" added Mr. Aur

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