Please tell the Haitian People that we should not only Protest...

Rudy Stephen - February 19 2011, 4:44 PM

Please tell the Haitian People that we should not only Protest for the way they treated our under seventeen football team. We should also put a complete sport program in place so we can win gold, silver, and bronze medal in all the event in the Pan American and the olympic games.

So we can also beat the Jamaican in all those events.

This is the way me Michel Martelly see a more efficient protest.

Did you hear Ramase, that is exactly how this old school politicians acted, act, will act; they don't trust each other, they don't like each other.They only want to structure institutions that will guaranty their reelection.

Michel Matelly opened up the music sector in Haiti where every musician became friend and performed with each other.

He brought every body together in the Haitian music world.

Before Tropicana musicians don't talk to the one in Septen, Sico/Nemour, even Tabou/ shleu shleu etc. If he can do it among our musicians, He can do it among our politicians.

Mrs Manigat said that she will be in the opposition if Mr matelly win, when she did not even see or read Michel Martelly program.

We see better through open windows and doors as well as open people than reserve people behind close door. Michel if you need me, email me, I will help for free, never trust my left hand too much.

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