Sir, I decided to write these words in my patriotic civic duty...

Neg Maron - February 12 2011, 8:10 AM


I decided to write these words in my patriotic civic duty to our Haiti; a feeling of which was greater than the need to leave the area touched to better qualified and better suited.

I present in the fashion stated, with respect to you and the others mentioned; it is after all about Haiti.

Mr. Michel Martelly - under your Presidency, i believe a lot of us who are living across the waters would love to see a conference between INITE and COREH, FANMI LAVALAS and the other political parties to talk about not only a plan to clean the country, but also how to keep it clean.

We can not think of a better candidate to head this cleaning program than Senator Joseph Lambert, all jokes aside.

Moreover, the act of rape should be attacked right away, because no young women will feel safe in the country; no young woment will visit our beaches during the winter months, under the threat of rape. In fact, we will not get the tourist that is necesary untless our airport and enviroment present a friendly atmosphere.

Mama Mirlande can help you a great deal in that area, as an ambassodor of good will.

But of paramount importance would be the unambigious 'Child Support' laws that would be enacted to protect the most precious entities of Haiti - the women.

There should strict laws to protect them from having to take care of 1, 2, 3, 4 or ...

babies by themselves, while the men who are responsible for these births are walking around looking for more women to have more children with. It is clear that these men may not have the means and opportunities to look after these women and children financially, but they can be there for moral and physical support in order to provide guidance and protection.

These 'Child Support' laws need to be very clear on the responsiblities of our males.

We can not think of a better CEO for your child support program than Mr. Jude Celestin.

As to educating our children - in particular ourspearheading programs to teach the science of how to take care of themselves.

Lovely Minou would love to be guided by Mama Mirlande.

Who knows, but it is very possible that our young men may need to be schooled by Jean-Claude, Jean-Bertrand and Rene Preval (providing that the justice department will find them worthy of holding such prestigious postsdepartment will allowof Haiti they want to take part in - at least they would add weight to the fairness of your Civil Programs.

We in the Diaspora already know of the existing National Identification Card Program, and we hope that it will come to include us also, because we are Haitians and love Haiti as much as anybody.

As a matter of fact some who are walking and driving in Haiti right now are causing more pains; more shame to our Mother Haiti than anyone i know of over seas.

Moreover, the Diaspora must be allow to vote (just as Wyclef voted), because without this act Haiti will be left without the political and social mind of its children over the seas; by which the benefits are countless.

The Diaspora, i am certain is be willing to pay a small annual fee to the government to keep their their National Identification Cards active, as well as keeping their Haitian Passport valid.

I am sure you see where i want to go with that.

On of the most important issue of sovereignty, i am not sure if the enacted onstitunal laws of 1934 that made it possible - to a greater degree - for foreigners to buy Haitian land can be totally repelled, but there should be a clear mandate to let the foreigners know that buying Haitian soil does not mean you own it without respecting its people and its taxing laws. Every effort should be made to buy these lands back or for co-ownership.

The contracts of these sales of the lands in focus should be revisited by our judical system, to find out who was behind the sale or if the poor Haitian that sold that land was coerced by tricky lawyers and government officials, by which those contracts would be considered illegal.


I beg your pardon if i was out of place in my emotions expressed herein, but the time not to include the Diaspora of Haiti into its future should be something of the past with your administration of 8 years, which we hope will be doubled to 16. I said 8 as a first term, because our Haiti can not go through a political mardi-gras every 5 years with more political parties than we have toes.

With great respect,
Neg Maron

It is time for a new day; it is time for change.

We know that it not all about the man and his mind, but with you we trust that it is not abouot the plan for his pockets.

God Bless you and your family.

God Bless Haiti.

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