Being a Prevalist yourself you knew that would happen. It is...

Frantz - February 5 2011, 7:52 PM

Being a Prevalist yourself you knew that would happen.

It is time to end the vicious cycle of Laziness started with Duvalier/Aristide to Preval.

Good luck with your future and we do not need you on board as president nor the New Prime Minister of Haiti to cover all Preval's mismanagements of the Haitian Public Institutions.

Good bye! Duvalier/Aristide and Preval have destroyed Haiti for 56 years of its 206 years of independence.

We do not need Haitian politicians anymore and that is why we will elect this time a non-politician to serve the needs of the Haitian people.

As the international community is preparing itself to fill those ballot boxes on behalf of Mirelande Manigat, we will remain vigilant with our Proces Verbaux to claim our solemnel victory over her. No grandma will lead Haiti in the future.

Tout fanm renmen tet kale se pou Mirelande ambwase tet kale a sili bezwen plis afeksyon...

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