The is no Haitian constitution. If a land has laws it should...

Garry Destin - January 20 2011, 11:28 AM

The is no Haitian constitution.

If a land has laws it should there to protect its citizen against any wrong doing rather its citizen is or out of the country.

The Haitian constitution stand for nothing.

That is why people can go in and out of your land, take your children, poop in your plate then laugh at you.
As far as I can concern we should have slaves worthless creatures that goes for me as well because I can't change who I am rather I like it or not.
I hope we all return to slavery as we should have been.
Freedom requires courage and responsibilities.

If we Haitian can e read, the first word in the bible is the word "WORD"
Word means responsibility.

Until we understand the word "WORD" we are nothing but what is expected of us.
Please don't include real freed black people in our jokes.

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