As an Haitian-American, I realize the only way for us to move...

Hj Christopher - January 19 2011, 1:34 AM

As an Haitian-American, I realize the only way for us to move forward is to forgive each other and disallow America, France and Canada to create disunion among us. I have lived in the united States for many years.

I went to high School, college, graduate school, law school, Phd, you name it, but I realized that America works for America, and as a Haitian American citizen I understand the game. after all I am Haitian no matter how you analyze it. So, the issue is simple, French, American, and Canadian ambassadors should be off limit.

We should decide how we move forward.

It should never be about a person, but about the Country.

Eventually each one of us will die, but Haiti will remain, and we must do for Haiti.

It is time that we stop thinking about our interests and think about country.

Must black people thought that the election of Obama will bring about a different Us Foreign policy, in fact nothing has change and the reason is no matter who is president of the Us it will always be about the Us, so it is time we think about HAITI.


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Well said HJ and I congratulate you for your...

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