Was you living under George Bush presidency all the brutallty...

Louis - January 18 2011, 7:30 PM

Was you living under George Bush presidency all the brutallty he committed did any body ask him to be on trail, but you haitans dont understand anything in the politics always the person commit the crime to you people but those who do struggle to help your people come out will reality seem to me you are a still ungreatful to under stand what is a real philoshiy politics.

politics is not just not getting up in the moring and going to work, to do his responsiblity as a head of the nation he would not able to answer every situation, when u think about it the people who use other people name is a propaganda to make you have to understand sit aside your difference yo know how stress it can get when you head astate everybody try to created the problem you think you can solve every situation when you sit in a palace those peple give you information before you make any judgement you got to make sure is a right judgement even in america u looking now alot of finger pointing for many curropttion going.

Name one person taking resonsible for what happen, i don't have to go to far with you beside america lets return back to haiti reason im saying this to you if you dont get in volve in the politic clearly you can understand from january 12 2010 you see alot of nation contribute to help the haitian try to rebuild the country now tell how tell how many million dolars collected to rebuild haiti everybody who give the money, why you think haiti not rebuild right now
P.S: if you are a real haitian i do believe in national intern haiti say l'union faitlaforce if you you do be l'union faitlaforce you learn to for give all your leader who do bad things to you all with that you can move forward Ask my self i tell you i was running away from the repression victim by tonton macoute 1978 i didnt blame the president for what happen i let it go and i forgive him alot of people blame him cause

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Emanuel louis, were you living in Haiti under his...

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