Thank you for the update Mr. Fourcand. I understand the comedy...

Ronald Altieri - January 18 2011, 2:59 PM

Thank you for the update Mr. Fourcand.

I understand the comedy that you referred to, and on a funny note it seems as if JCD is getting more popular by the minute.

We know that Preval is on his way out - either in February or May, and we also know that JCD is still a Haitian Citizen (as far as i know).

So, if he ends up in jail, which is highly unlikeky, then the next President and Senate will most give him a 'Presidential Pardon'.

Afterwhich, he will stay in the country and become a democratic President (Haaaaa! Haaaaaa).

Let them laugh! Just the other day people thought that Michel was a joke - now who is laughing,

If Preval does not want to the Duvalier Myth to take over the minds of the young Haitians - he should be very careful how he handles JCD.

JCD and his advisers know what they are doing.

There is a special political reason why he landed on the day that the Election was to take place (Jan 16), and he knows what sacrifices he has to make for him to get inside the minds of the youth; to get his political machine moving.

At 19 he was joke, but at 59 he may end up laughing at Preval and all those who thinks that his political life is over.

Time will tell,


He has a ticket to return to France on Thursday, and if he stays beyond Thursday - that favors his peculiar situation in more ways than one

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Be advised right at this moment of writing this...

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