Hey you listen who there hell you think you are to say my Jean...

Richelle - January 18 2011, 11:52 AM

Hey you listen who there hell you think you are to say my Jean Claude can't go back to his land. He is Haitian, for once when he was in power Haiti was a country.

I do not know what part of Haiti u from, but for me when i was a kid never go hungry, never depend on u s of a to send help for us as haitian to sovive.The Capital was clean at all time, no kidnapping, walk around at all time, no fear,15 year old gurl was not in the street doing prostitute, no zenglendo all these things started after he left Haiti so hop u fell me.I am a true haitian love my home to death, so pround to be, I do not care what other stupid people think about Haiti but for me it is a bless to be apart of Haiti.

We have a good history, as a first black, we help u s of a take this land from it's real owner which was indians.

We help spain with money, with military force no other black land will never have the kind of history we have as Haitian have. We had respect when jean claude was in power, but now we lost everything.

No respect No resources for nothhing, every bobdy think ther better than us as haitian.

Because since he left nobody care for the haitian people included our so-called government they hungry, thieves,dirty, selfish all the bad names.

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Preval has to be involved in this fiasco! Duvalier...

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Thank you rechelle let them know how much our country...

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