Now with the return of Baby Doc to the county I would like to...

Earl Wheby Jr. - January 17 2011, 6:59 AM

Now with the return of Baby Doc to the county I would like to propose a time of unity for the citizens of Haiti and those that have lived and worked there, like myself, and have the best interest of Haiti at heart no matter who they may support for political office.

I believe the truth of the matter is that those who make the posts at this and other Haitian websites are living in the U.S. and as such many of us are in a position to assist Haiti in this time of need and the first order of business since law and order is being restored and it is safer to begin reconstruction I would like to propose that a group of us come together forming our own construction company to help design and supervise the construction of a new Port of Prince to a higher standard of building codes.

I would like to suggest formation of a company invovling Haitian Americans with some stock ownership (investment) in the company being required (it could be one of these dollar a share formal companies).

I have personal connections with a man who has his own construction company but more importantly the company should consider itself as a lobby organization to lobby the U.S. government and others for assistance in this massive project which should begin with a new and modern water and sewer works especially now that this is required for sanatataton and to prevent spread of deadly disease brought to the country by U.N. troops who should be ask to leave soon. This effort will require professional work from engineers and we should be coming together to provide jobs for Haitians as well as some U.S. engineering firms and obtaining the materials needed and costs involved would fall under the lobby efforts of the new company we can form. As Americans or those living in America we would be considered as expats in a sense and could even construct our second homes in Haiti in the reconstruction process.

Anyone interested to come together and fill this pressing need for Haiti and at same time provide work for ourselves can contact me personally at facebook page for Royal Kingdom of Greater Syria, government-in-exile and request friendship and send a message with your ideas on how we can come together to begin this effort and form a company to be involved in the rebuilding of Haiti.

At the very least U.S. government should extend interest free loans or even grants.

If Israel gets $3 billion a year to stir up wars and trouble for the U.S. in the Middle East then the least the U.S. government can do is give aid and assistance to the rebuilding effort of a neighbor that has its people living in tent cities.

Who is better qualified to have a personal interest in such a venture than ourselves and in this time of continued recession and poor job openings for most Haitians and fear of deportation in the future why not put aside all political differences for sake of taking an active role in what is now in the best interest of Haiti and that is rebuilding Port-of-Prince to modern standards for safety and health needs.

Contact me at facebook page for Royal Kingdom GreaterSyria and leave a message how to contact you and your idea to begin this project so we can lift ourselves above petty political arguements and come together to form a construction company that will not only benefit Haiti but ourselves (those who are able to play an active role and those as investors in the formation of the company).

For most of us being in U.S. we are in good position to lobby U.S. representatives in Congress for financial aid and assistance in the rebuilding process and U.S. really owes it to Haiti to make up for all their past efforts at sticking their noses into the internal affairs of Haiti often resulting in outcomes not in the best interest of Haiti and its people.


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