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Earl Wheby Jr - October 7 2010, 6:07 PM

During my time as a pilot for Ernest Bennett he seemed to take a personal liking to me, furnished me with hotel room plus salary plus a Lada automobile which is same as a Fiat but made in Russia.

At his car dealership where I would usuually be instructed to meet him and where his main office was located he didn't sell BMWs even though it was called a BMW dealership but sold mainly Lada automobiles.

There was only about two BMWs in the country and that was his and Baby Docs. He would drive me around in his BMW. He would be doing the driving and in the right front seat beside him was a police or military officer as bodyguard carrying one of those small machine guns. I would be sitting in the back seat. One day while we were driving to his large warehouse he turned around and looked at me in the rear seat and, just out of the blue, said to me: "The best Banks in the world are in Panama." I had wondered why we were flying him to Panama and thought he might be having some sort of love affair with a woman there but it was Banking business trips we were on!
After my return to U.S. and after slowly being educated about Ernest Bennett and his ability to run the country through the seductive powers of his daughter then when I returned to U.S. I visited the opposition headquarters in Miami and when I told them I was a pilot for Ernest Bennett I was led into a back room where conversations took place and a map of the "BMW" dealership was drawn.

Later angry mobs would trash the BMW dealership! Due to my role in these events I should be entitled to Honorary Citizenship.

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