disciples of 'inite' united for violence

Haiti - January 15 2011, 7:04 AM

There were ceremonies to give respect to our dearly departed on Jan 12, 2010, and any person of decency who believes in the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit knows that 3 days are needed to mourn.

But the forces of 'INITE' were united on the Jan 14th in a mission to disrupt the already politically sensitive situation of our country, while the whole world is watching.

The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) reported the official arrestation of 14 INITE Disciples, who were united in a mission of violence to burn tires, destroy lives and property.

Here are their names (the report below is from haitilibre.com):

1. Donald FINEAU He was intercepted at the corner of the streets Monseigneur Guilloux and Cameau.

He drove a Nissan Sentra Blue, Registered AA 12172 on which four (4) used tires were found.

2. Lesly CASSEUS, aka Kare He is founder of New York, New York Band located in Bel Air. He was driving a white Nissan pickup, whose number plate from the Dominican Republic is L 262252.

In addition to several used tires found in his vehicle, he had in his possession one hundred and nine thousand (109,000) gourdes.

3. Usmann AZENOR, aka Ti Manno He was arrested in Martissant driving a white Terios whose license plate G 208,817 comes from the Dominican Republic.

According to him, he would release the vehicle to its owner, Joseph Wilner, a official from the Bureau of Relocalisation located at the National Palace.

Two (2) copies of a tract denouncing the report of the expert mission and proclaim the victory of the presidential candidate under the banner of the Platform INITE, Jude CELESTIN, were also discovered in his vehicle.

The eleven (11) other individuals respond to names:

1. Viegenald VIELOT
2. Eddy PIERRE
3. Schnieder JEAN MICHEL
4. Muler MIRABLE
5. Wilky FRAN

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Ronald Altieri says...

Haiti, You email is great in the context of a thought that i was entertaining since the week of Jan 12, 2010. Yes! We have forces amongst us that... more »