RE: Michel Martelly Pre

Roger Delice - January 12 2011, 6:01 PM

i saw you on you tube and pay close attention about you focus, your plans, your vision and mostly your ambitions, way to go.
i whish you luck, so you can make a difference
and prove the opposition side wrong.

God will bless you and we can have our mother back to life and joy. i have been in America for the past 23 years and visited my birth land almost yearly and see it being destroy all over. I cried every time i visited, but that the most i can do to see my mother in these situations.

i contributed financially to some organizations when ever they asked to do something or in catastrophic cases but after giving in some, i have mixed feeling, wonder if they will really accomplish some thing.Now let's be reasonable and caring with a very strong and good loving heart.

may God bless you and my crying motherland HAITI.

thank-you rd.

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