May be the CEP and his boy tijude should advised him to have...

Ronald Altieri - January 11 2011, 6:56 AM

May be the CEP and his boy tijude should advised him to have them meet with the President of the Dominican Repulic, and then he should go to the across the border to find out what they said. Afterwhich, he would consult with MINUSTAH to find out when is the best time to let the Haitian People know what was said by his friends the OAS, whom he invited to clear up this mess created by his appointed CEP friends.

Or he could have a historic moment in story of Haiti by formally inviting Manigat and Michel to meet him with him Wednesday-January 12th, 2011, and hold their hands in a prayer at exactly 4:43pm and wish Haiti good fortune - in front of the whole world - as he helps with the transition.

Such a maneuver would give the Haitian youth a guideline to positive protocols, and ethical/moral civic perspective.

In faith we will, but in fear we will not.

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