Elisabeth, Preval's wife speaks!

Tiba - January 8 2011, 6:50 AM

This really proves how delusional the entire Preval family is in Haiti.

I come to believe for once that the whole Preval family is Bipolar manic with acute psychosis disorders.

Even the monkeys can attest to that.

Keep in mind this is a woman, Elisabeth, who was the so-called Preval's personal economic advisor who married the man after coming up a joint plan to steall as many millions from Haiti so they live the good life either in Miami, France, or Spain.

The only qualification Ms. Elisabeth had as Preval's personal economic advisor, she was the secretary of a power electric company.

How could anyone rise from a secretary job (answering phone, taking messages, keeping the schedule record) to the president's personal economic advisor, it's beyond me.

But she speaks now and it is a complete delusion.

Please read on!


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