Dear Patricia I am deeply sorry that you feel that way, up to...

Max Mills - January 4 2011, 7:16 PM

Dear Patricia
I am deeply sorry that you feel that way, up to now i can feel your frustration towards Preval.

Even in the bible God shows us there were some weak Kings and some strong ones also.The bad has reached to his end, let us not allow our anger to do and later we regret.

All of us need that ugly mentality behind us. The legacy of " coupe tete, brule caye " that is the reason why we have nothing to show to our grand children as legacy, our pride as Haitians is fading, we are afraid to expose ourselves because of that mentality including me sometimes i am afraid to say who i am because of the others bring upon Haiti.

So i have decided to give or share my opinions in other ways possible.

I know Preval is incapable but at least he has survived two terms, what should be done before cannot be done now. Let's show a little respect for him as one who has written his name in the history book. You name, my name might never so far, unless if we strive to make a big difference in the next decade if God preserve our lives.Let us try to say no to negative thought which is always bring violence .Let us hope our voices can be heard by new elected one.Let us be vigilant, open our eyes to see and defend our beautiful country not against Preval now but the new president.

In my candid opinion in the three elected leaders we have i see no one who is going to do a better job than Preval.

So Patricia leave him alone God will take care of him .Let us focus to the present not the past.

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Let's be real how long Preval is been in power...

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