Be still and watch! The mass, particularly the youth, of Haiti...

Ronald Altieri - December 29 2010, 3:49 PM

Be still and watch!

The mass, particularly the youth, of Haiti know who they voted for. Yes! They do know who they voted for, and they know who they do not want.

They have nothing but their votes, and billions of dollars will not be able to take to make them think they voted for someone they did not.

Again, be still and watch!

So, it does not matter matter what they do or how they do it, one thing for certain the Haitian youth of this generation will not allow their vote to be played with by those who believe that adding numbers can substract their will.

The days of not making sacrifices for the future generations are over.
This country and its people will not go back to the days and ways prior to Jan 12, 2010. The stability of the ways that got us to be an economically begging nation who suuffering under unimaginable indignations.

Embargo, Military Castration, Political Invasion, Economic Occupation, etc...

Be still and watch!

Believe it or not, the Haitian dollar had the same value as the dollar of the USA, not too long ago. Not too long ago, Haiti was the number one tourist attraction in the caribbean.

Not too long ago, we were "La Perle Des Antilles".

Just something to think about.

The oppornuty is now for this generation to make its mark on history - take the opportunity or let it fly by. That is a choice!

Lately, Senator Joseph Lambert and Boniface Alexandre (former Provisional President of Haiti from 2004 to 2006, after the fall of J. Bertrand Aristide), have been giving hints of 'Civil War'.

But do not be alarmed, no nation, no government has ever been able to quiet down the anger and the yearning of its youth; let alone the youth of Haiti, who has nothing to loose but their dream for a better Haiti.

What is a person, or a people without a dream for its future generations?

Nothing is the answer, and nothing we will not be; for those who have died on Jan 12th are calling for us to raise our spirits in our minds to make sure that Haiti doen not find itself in the same mess it was prior to the earthquake.

WAKE UP! We have been sleeping for too long.

Let no other Presidents or High Government Official, who has been duly charged with 'Trahison', as stipulated in the Constitution, should be allowed to leave the country without being put on trial on live television for the whole country to witness the proceedings.

It all starts in the mind, what is your mind?

What sacrifices are you willing to make in other to seed a better for the children.

Look at the children! Look! Do you believe they care about them, do you?

The children are the future of Haiti.

Take a good look, not only with your eyes but with mind, and see what is going on with our future.

As i said be still and watch.

Or better yet, join minds together and let us create a better future for Haiti Cherie.

Let us make it happen, because no one can love her like we can.


It all starts in the mind.

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