Hello, Were you one of the three? Well said my friend...God...

Garry Destin - December 28 2010, 11:29 AM

Were you one of the three?

Well said my friend...God created us Exactly as you mentioned.

But as men and women we tend to ignore his presence just because life is hard therefore we can easily be deceived.

There is a book called God and gold. That book is about how christianity and catholicsm built their wealth on bloody goods.

The god for Christianity and Catholicism is a nuclear weapon and a machine gun. They go around scaring people to believe in them and in return the rob you of your goods and soul then leave you destitute.

The only way for Haitian to find peace is the reject them altogether and return to their African belief.

I promise you God will be in the midle of them every day.
The voodoo religion turn bad because they had no choice with the colonial brutality.

The only mistake they made was that they ended up adopting his culture of hate then inject intobthe religion.

Look at Pakistan and India, they're blood brothers but the colon mated with the Pakistani then told him that he is better then his darkskinned brother then gave them both the nuclear bomb whatching to see which one will blast the other first.

The same he did in North Africa, mating with them then turn them against their dark brothers then give the a nuc.
The only person who didn't accept his evil idea was Nelson Mandel who destroyed his nuclear bomb by saying that he will not have that while surrounded by his brothers then followed by the zimbabwe president also dismentalled that garbage.

They were given through Israel to the white African to drop on the blacks by any event of revolution.

So this is the depth of their evil mind. They are paranoid thinking that somehow they are going to be instinct soon.
No race is going instinct and for sure no black person would allow that to happen black people would fight for them till the end to make sure their survival is guaranteed.

God is very patient in revenge but sometime one pushes it too much. God can touch them and show them that they have all the money but they can't appear in pubic, they can't walk amount people by become an object of repuance.

So that is why one should never take his name in vain by any mean what so ever.
Please, don't take my words as blasphemes or hate.
If you read carefully, you'll see that I said nothing hateful.

Then again if any mistake sorry it is an iPhone.

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Thank you Gerry, for sharing and explaining the...

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