Hello, Thanx for the response and very respectful as well. Yes...

Garry Destin - December 27 2010, 2:18 PM

Thanx for the response and very respectful as well.
Yes we have to be very careful with our faith.

When I was a child in Haiti, missionaries came once with two sets of pictures some Africans and some of Caucasians.

The African were trible people bare feet and scars in the face. The Caucasians were people in churches praying health and wealthy looking.

They said "look these people are cursed that is why they are poor and the whole nine yards" what the failed to say was that these are people who chose to live in afican villages where they pay no tax etc.
I learned that whole I was in Britain how a BP executive gave up his whole wealth to go living in a little shack in a small village in Africa to replace his fathers kingdom.

They were amazed to see that royalty isn't about Castro and money.

Which these missionaries would never mention because they want you to think that your are poor or cursed.

I am a blessed man and God loves me more than I can even say. If one is uses fear, natural disaster, tricks to make people believe in a religion, it must be evil.
God is in the heart of all men but the devil is clever.

He knows your love and your fear for God. He knows if he presents himself as the devil like that pastor from TBN you will rebuke him. So he come as an angel of God. If you look deep inside of him, you can see the demon in him, Christianity is his vehicle.

He did much more than that in Europe where he even fried or skinned people alive in order to believe in that religion.

He would accuse people of witchcrafts just for the thrill of burning them alive.

So tell me what good is in them?

After chained people and sold the like live stock.

Where ever they set foot, they leave trails of blood, diseases and starvation.

I don't think God is anywhere close to being that evil.
Sorry if any error because this a mobile phone.

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Garry, i believe it was our destiny to meet on this...

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