The devil knows your love for God and he knows how to play you...

Garry Destin - December 26 2010, 12:50 PM

The devil knows your love for God and he knows how to play you against God by projecting God as the vilain and himself as your savior.

You had to use his image in your religion in order to save yourself for centuries.

He told you that if you don't reject yourself and submit to him (Christianity), he will make sure that the world reject you and he did.
He turned you away from God once and he will again until you learn how to spot him. His master tool is having your own brother pushing you away from God by keeping you divided.

Again I am tell my people to reject this whole Christianity because they are evil and they are there to collect souls for hell. It is easy for them when you are divided because you become weak and here they come as your rescuers

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Gary Destin, YEP, YOU RIGHT!..In the end, that's all...

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Garry, i believe it was our destiny to meet on this...

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