Go Sergo! Well, Mrs. Manigat stated earlier that she was...

Ronald Altieri - December 24 2010, 2:06 PM

Go Sergo! Well, Mrs. Manigat stated earlier that she was opposed to any solution "developed by the foreigner (OAS or ???)" to solve the post-election crisis, noting that the crisis does not come from outside "It is a Haitian crisis, and it is the Haitian people who have to find a solution" she said.

She continued by saying that:

"The Organization of American States (OAS) seems to be the main organizer of the solutions of the crisis ...

How much time will they need to complete their work?

What are the terms of reference of this mission, what will they recount?"

I just thought that would an interesting view to look at, as we celebrate the Holidays.

Response to:

I disagree,Mwen cre constitution an di kisa ki doue...

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