Medite et penser! Isn't it true that Saul became Paul in the...

Ronald Altieri - December 22 2010, 1:40 PM

Medite et penser!

Isn't it true that Saul became Paul in the New Testament Act 8-13 -
Was saul part of who Apul is?

Isn't it true that all Saints were sinners before beoming Saints -
Were their spiritual enlightment rooted in their personalities?

Was Papa Doc different from Francois Duvalier?

Was the Priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide different from President Titide?

Isn't it true that Michel Martelly was Sweet Micky before Dec 7 -
What was he doing with his organization Rose et Blanc for 18 years?

Has Jude Celestin made an impact on the society - and in what way?

What has Preval done to Unite a pary under his leadership that is worthy of the youth championing Inite?

What has motherly Mirlande done for the society with her intelligence - with all due respect to her womanhood and accomplishments?

Yes! It is true that we all suffer from the shock of Jan 12, and that those who were in Haiti tried their best to deal with a catastrophic situation that was unimaginable.

But No! We will not allow Jan 16 to be another catastrophic situation in our history.

I remember hearing: "J'etais ou que j'etais pour etre ce que je suis." You remembe!

Well! Mr. Michel Martelly etait ou il etait, pour etre ce qu'il est. Vrai ou faut?

Tande'm bien:

" Se pa sa kap di betiz la, se pali ki jem bay gro problem nan lavi'en."

" Sa kap descend pantalon'l pa si mal kankou sakap descend pantalette jeune bel ti fi nan peyi'en pa force."

" Surveye chien ki pa jape nan fai noi, li ka bien kankou yon couleuv avec poison kap ten'ou."

" Sa ka detrui vi'ou se sa kap fai betiz avek decision pour laveni'ou, se pa sa kap di betiz pou zorey fai bouch ri."

" Sa kap fai betiz avek la vi jeunesse'la, pi mal pase sa kap fai betiz avek tet li pou fai moun peye al gade tande.

Ou tande!

Mediter et penser!

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