Dr. Mirelande Manigat Be Yourself and Stay Away From Political Maneuvers

Toulimen - December 19 2010, 12:23 PM

I am asking Dr. Mirelande to stop being a typical Haitian and to be herself so Haitians can vote for her. Accepting to play the political blame game of Preval and the Americans means that you value and represent the Haitian Status Quo. By doing so, you will not be a force of change to move Haiti forward in the days ahead.

You are the most favorite candidate of Preval and the American too and I have said it all along my postings on this blog. They trust you for what you represent in terms of your educational credentials, leadership, international experiences and your vision for the future.

Acting as a typical Haitian instructs me to look upon another political leader for guidance and I have seen none so far that can match your educational credentials.

Telling people that your closed advisor or political associate Patrice Dumont is under attack by the Preval administration is purely a bluff and I have to denounce this political machination from your group.

Preval has no other political choice than you to succeed him after he leaves office, for Celestin's campaign has not done enough to win the Haitian presidency.

Do not accept the advices of the American advisors to inform others that you are under attack to win the Haitian presidency.

You are a very qualified candidate and your qualification should talk for you. Articulate your political vision around core Haitian problems that need to be solved and tell them how you and your team will enable them to solve them. Mirelande, I know you love truth and you hate lies and I suggest you to stay away from this political machination to be elected.

You will be selected and you will lead Haiti in the days ahead.

Be clear in your message and do not send mix messages to others.

You are not under attack although your political advisors want you to get engaged in such action.

You know later they will denounce and you will have no room to escape.

If you accept to do that now later they will destroy you as a piece of nothing and you will choose the asylum path like many of your predecessors.

American political advisors are corrupted people and that is why Haiti has a corrupted administration that cannot serve well Haitians.

They will make you do horrible things and later they will be the first ones to denounce you. Stop being a typical Haitian to be elected.

A typical Haitian is a dishonest person, liar, racketeerian or mafia, criminal, fearful person, divider, magouilleur, and a perverted one like many American politicians.

You are too educated to be classed as a villified typical Haitian, but if you do not renounce to their mentality you will be one of them and we must look upon another leader to guide us. Beware and stop fooling others.

I love you for what you stand for and not for those political maneuvers.

I know Preval and the Americans want you to lead Haiti because they trust your educational expertise and you can bring changes within the Haitian Status Quo that you will slightly modify as a conservative person yourself.

Be clear in your articulated message and stay honest at all times.

True leaders do not lie and they know how to transcend over political passions to reflect the will of their people.

Be honest Dr. Mirelande and nothing can or will stop you, for your time has come. Be real and we will follow your footsteps.

Mark Haitian history with your footprints as a good woman leader and show to others Haitian females that they can lead too in the future...

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Marjorie Middy says...

Madame Manigat est acceptable par Preval et les Americains parcequ'ils croient que Manigat peut etre manipulee et sera une excellente presidente... more »