Guy Comeau - December 18 2010, 5:41 PM

Mrs. Manigat does not want a second with a third party nor does she she want another try with the 17 other candidates.

Donc, Madame Manigat is exactly what I predicted her to be: an opportunist.

I was praying that to God that I was wrong on this one. But I am right on the money.

Basically Manigat does not want Sweet Micky in the game nor does she want a cancellation of the last elections.

She is in, and to her that is all that counts.

According to others, she and her group got to get people fighting on the streets and burn tires and burn some government buildings.

Now, this is the Mrs. Manigat that you guys wanted, right! RIGHT?

Mrs. Manigat officially won only with a 31% of the vote. That is not enough for her to claim victory.

She needs at least a 51%.

She better take it easy and do the proper thing, that is ask formally to a cancellation of the last elections to have a brand new election so that we can move forward.

Recounting or delaying of the votes is no way to go as we already know the votes are tainted anyway.

This is moronic.

Let get rid of the charade so that we can move on people.

We have a country to rebuild.

Let us get rid of these morons, starting with Manigat.

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Mena Moreau says...

Madame Manigat is the chouchou of Preval and the United States. Let us see what the rest of the international community has to say about this mess... more »

Marcy Paul says...

Manigat has to go. Madam sa poko mem president dhaiti e li deja frequen e nou delay wre sa li pral remet. Mete madam sa deyo kouneyer an. more »

Marie Janty says...

Madame Manigat droit s'abestenir a donner des orders a la Nation Haitienne. Elle n'est pas encore declaree la dame presidente. Nous ne savons que... more »

Kamoken says...

Guy May be you forget she is the wife of Gro Lobo Manigat who eloquently said that If you have to sell your mother to get the power... Do it and you... more »

Guy P says...

Kamoken, nothing will change with Manigat and it will be the politics of more of the same. In Haiti now, many people are talking about how to wake... more »