Muffi, i read your response and wanted to let you know that i...

Ronald Altieri - December 16 2010, 8:02 AM

Muffi, i read your response and wanted to let you know that i feel your vibe to the degree that i can. And yes, some of the points you raised are valid.

We do tend to say say too much non sense in trying to make sense out of a senseless reality that has evaded common sense.

But please allow me to react to a few of the things you said, in the spirit of communication.

Know that all i am about to say is rooted in good faith and intention, and i hope that they will be received in the same.

You said thatas long as Haitians people fail to repent from their wicked mentality, no man or country will be able to help them. Well! That is true of every country.

And by the way how wicked are we?

Have we attacked another country?

Do you create weapons of mass destruction?

Are we polluting the earth and the atmosphere with toxins?

Are we terrorists?

Do we take diseases to other countries?

The answer is no!

Do we have the right to hold manisfestations against injustice, which only seems seem to be in for just us.

Do we have the right to stand up and fight against misery, or should we lay down like dirty hungry dogs and just die.

If some is have us down and shoving a the stick in our butts, do we have the right to scream and defecate on them if need be.

The answer to those points is yes.

Now, let us get to the meat and potatoes of your statement.

It is true that we need the hand of the Almighty God to help us.

But remember, God helps who helps themselves.

Moreover, good is good to those who do good to themselves and others.


Haiti is in the worst shape ever, and this generation shall never allow it to go back to this state of being.

The souls that have perished in the earthquake are crying for the youth to not ever allow us to be in the state we were prior to the earthquake.

And that earthquake and any other miserable situation will never shake the spirit of the people that have to liberate South America, the United States and have enriched France, Sapain England and to even Germany (if you the need the facts, i will be more than glad to give you recorded history).

How come no one suggest crying to God for mercy, you say. Well! Me and and you are doing that right now.

As to the Clinton issue, Clinton and Aristide tried their best for Haiti, and the Dominican has superiority complex towards us. I will leave it at that.

It is time for a new outlong a new project, i do not care if the chinese come in to help. By the way, if the US can borrow almost a trillion dollars from the Chinese, why can't we ask them to help us.

Cuba has one of the highest literacy rate in the world, let them come in and help us.

We are tired of peolple giving us a dollar and a piece of bread as they turn around and abuse or youths by pissing on us. We want to learn how to make our bread.

Who wants to help?

We are importing almost a billion eggs in Haiti while we have organic chickens of our own. We are paying probably the highest fee for a gallon of gasoline, while we have corn in abundance to make our ouw fuel. We have great problem with electricity, while we have the sun to offer us solar energy.

Some want to turn Haiti into their playground, so that they can exploit our youth.


The descendants of the 'Pearl of the Antilles' may now be unpolished rocks, but we will shine.

It doesn not matter how long it takes, we will shine.

It does not matter how sacrifices must be made, we will rise and shine.


Hard times is nothing to us. We will use it as inspiration and fuel to help us get to our destination in creation.

We are situated on the equator, and the mysticism of that need not be explicated here.

We do have a crazy place, but i hope woman will never be able to marry another woman in Haiti.

Or, that a man can marry another man. Are you getting it!

And i agree with you that certain decision should not even open for debate.

And the decision for the starving youth of Haiti to want change for their homeland, is one of those issues that should not be open for debate.

And of course, i agree with when you say that haitian people need to put their trust in Jesus.

Jesus for president and everyone else of good faith should be helping.

I believe that your message and my message is helpful.

I am thankful for your statement as well as for the corn muffin i had this morning.

Why not give God a chance?

In the spirit of my ancestors, i salute you with respect.

Peace be unto you!

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