Marjory, French is the only official language in those...

Toulimen - December 14 2010, 9:28 PM

Marjory, French is the only official language in those countries and Creole has a second language status.

They do not have two official languages like us. All other languages have second language status in those countries and it should be the same in Haiti.

They have their own foreign language department within all their schools like in France, U.S., Canada to name a few. All those countries that you have mentioned in your posting had followed the advanced countries for reducing or considerably eliminating illiteracy rate in their countries.

We are lagged behind for not following the advanced countries into our educational system.

Dominicans have 37% French speakers and more than Haiti and French is not an official language there.

The only official language there is Spanish and it is spoken by 100% of Dominicans.

Creole is spoken by 100% of Haitians and it should be the only official language to end our illiteracy rate as well as advancing the Haitian political and economic causes.

We need to end the internal slavery with the imposition of french as an official language in Haiti.

After 206 years, the Haitian bourgeoisie as a french language guardian in Haiti has not done a good job and as Mr. Chirac stated it Haiti is not a french country with its low rate of 15% of french speakers.

We should promote the Creole language and it should be the only official language in Haiti in the days ahead.

May peace be upon you!

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