Haiti is a country with nobody responsible for nothing...

Amonnon Louis - December 5 2010, 4:38 AM

Haiti is a country with nobody responsible for nothing, whatever happen means nothing for those so-call leader because either way, they will benefit what the country has as wealth.

One thing they must know, steal all wealth of Haiti to go somewhere else, profit nothing than living in poverty of mind. If the United Nation wants really help Haiti, they must order those people or force them to go for Haitian people find a chance to tasting a better life.
If the UN mission pulls out of Haiti, leaving Haitian under tent, that means they did not come to help they were just come in to support the so-call Haitian leader.

UN, take your responsibility toward this miserable people, because they are alone under the sun no Haitian leader care about their destiny.

please don't leave them under claws of these cats.

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