That is bulls..., (Sorry for my language, im just being pissed...

Haitian509 - November 13 2010, 12:42 AM

That is bulls..., (Sorry for my language, im just being pissed right now) it has never been done like this before why now?

They need to convince those living in tents, dying with a cholera, not us in America.

To all of you candidates stop fooling people, once and for all let's really care about our country.

What does that have to do with anything when you come in the states?

When I talk to someone in Haiti, this is what I'm going to tell them: Vote for your future which sacarstically means not to vote for anybody because truthfully anyone of those candidates can do a thing for Haiti.

Where have they been?

What have they done?

None of them, I said none of them is trustworthy, has the sense of leadership, governorship.

In America, almost every president had been either Governor or Senator before they became who they were. I think now it's time for every haitian to believe in themselves and start working together for the sake of Haiti.

Thank you

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