Haiti is the only country where "politics" is a joke. We...

Nika - October 30 2010, 4:20 PM

Haiti is the only country where "politics" is a joke. We cannot talk about political culture anymore.

When I was born, my father was a "Duvalierist".

So my political culture was Duvalierism until I grew up and was able to question the Duvalierism.

What was good, what was bad about the Duvalierism.

What should be changed.

What was the origin?

Mr Preval cannot make us swallow that pill. "Celestin" We do not know the person, his accomplishment.

What is his program?

I only heard the name of the guy only in July 2010 as the director of CNE. Let's be serious.


international politicians viewer

MR. Jude Celestin. The haitians peaples don't willy knows much about your adjuanda' that's make u see your self as the...

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