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Gilles Negarette - October 29 2010, 12:18 AM

MR. Jude Celestin.

The haitians peaples don't willy knows much about your adjuanda' that's make u see your self as the qualify candidate in haiti.

me as haitian patriote, I've been in exiled sinces 1991 I would like to come back, I gues is when u guys that's claiming your self as the well indicated chance right now. is wrong.

ok MR. Jude Celestin speaking of the truth what's up with haiti, where's that haiti we used to have had, could u telling the peaples who u're an what have u been worlkings on what's your carrier.

what's your experiences in internationals relations ans this's how u can make haiti be come a better place for all not unly the haitians peaples, but for the rest of the world so we can restore securety and peace, so bussenice investers can come back to do bussenice helpings the country to move aheard like's earlsiwere out. tell me about u MR. jude Celestin where're have u been sinces 1986. what have u been working on as haitian that's could show the haitians and the world interlectualism.


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