No not because of cholera! we are not ready for election now...

Martine Civil - October 27 2010, 3:12 AM

No not because of cholera! we are not ready for election now the population is to stressful for election.

I understand that they need to spend the money that has been raise for haiti wisely but however an election is not the solution in fact it is dangerous by forcing such a force that is pre mature.

Haiti need a form commitee where the party elected someone four 4years with well supervise administration function than there after the 5th years we can begin prepared for election.

my concern right now is what is next for this Island?an island that is full of marvelous history, yet again seen unnoticeable.all ofour candidate speak the same language they promess mostly the same thing in which they know visually impossible.

haiti don't make his own decission, the country is supervise by the internation allies (for decades) so where are these ideas are coming from .our candidate is this away to confuse the nation more than what it has been?we need to ask ourself when can haiti have is aunotomy as a nation rather been control in every aspect in our affairs.

congress need to pass a law in our constitution demanded that a candidated for leadership should have certain criteria.

EXAMPLE diplomatic study, study of the law the study of political science.sociology, community development and urban study this the international parties will learn to repect your knowledge.

they will learn to trust your intergrity, your trustworthy and capacity.once you can prove your willingness your option and concern than they will be ready to work with you we look like an Island thats' perish without no where.

we need to instructed in directed our children to different branches of study ( not only Doctor, Engenering, nurses as this has been for decade the most repected field of our nation today look what happen we have ne expertise in what so ever to better ourselves so please tell me what the out come will be?

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