Its now over 175 dead and thousands more infected. Maybe some...

M. Bennett - October 22 2010, 8:10 AM

Its now over 175 dead and thousands more infected.

Maybe some of these candiates for President will get Cholera and die and then there is questions of millions living in tents and make shift shelters how can elections even be held and instead of rebuilding and moving forward Haiti will be bogged down in these elections as you are now well in advance of them and no matter who might be elected there will be little he or she can do and within weeks of being elected there will be all the opposition to whomever is elected so its a vicious cycle going nowhere for Haiti.

Haiti would do well to concern itself with rebuilding and establishment of the signs of a stable government that were present during the early to mid 1980s when Haiti had its own military and an air force, etc. and since then its been downhill all the way for Haiti and now massive spread of Cholera while you talk about stupid and meaningless elections!


Talk Haitian Politics while over 150+ dead from diseases

Deathly diseases are sweeping Haiti and you want to talk about your stupid elections and even if they are held which...

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