Dale, I completely agree to your observation regarding Leslie...

Jacob Decimus - October 14 2010, 12:58 PM

Dale, I completely agree to your observation regarding Leslie, and I want to add that if any of these candidates did what Leslie has done for the country over the years, we may have today a difference political atmosphere.

I hope that Leslie becomes the President of Haiti because the country needs competent leadership to get rid of this corruption that is ravaged the government institution such as immigration, archive national, international airport, etc. The government needs to reinforce the laws that govern state institutions and salaries for state employees.

The question that lower level employees do not receive their paychecks on time fuels the corruption.

The government needs to have a program of formation and training for state employees in order to facilitate efficient because we have mediocre within the entire state institutions.

The country badly needs to be decentralized.

To do that, the government needs to build schools and government offices in all nine departments.

To do that, the government will need people who do not take yes for no or no for yes (those who are not corrupted and are not afraid of being criticized for the decisions they take).

It is time for Haiti to be governed like a country but not as a family affair or goats.

I hope that in the next few weeks that Leslie sells to the Haitian people a program that puts a lot emphasis on economic development through reconstruction, job creation, and education.

As someone who has a BA in International Business and has a Master's degree in Education, I know that Haiti is in a unique situation.

So, we need to take advantage of all of resources that are within our reach in order to set the country in the road of durable economic growth and political stability.

I am free to share my opinion with his campaign team if they are interested.

I want to see that Haiti has a different face in the years to come. Thanks

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