The election may be postponed at worst... Preval may be trying...

Bernadette - October 13 2010, 8:41 PM

The election may be postponed at worst...

Preval may be trying to intimidate the public so that there will be fewer people at the polls.

In turn, it will make it easier for him to steal the presidential seat for Jude Celestin.

The Haitian people are aware and used to dirty Haitian political tactics.

It seems to me that Preval is operating business as usual.


is in Haiti, they may not be perfect but their job in Haiti IS TO KEEP PEACE and ORDER.

They don't want to look weak and ineffective...,when all eyes will be on Haiti, therefore they will have to keep a certain amount of order.

We should assume that an election will take place.

I hope that the electoral funds go to a third party for transparancy and control.

Preval and Company can't hold a hold Nation hostage.

This is absurd even for Haiti.

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