The embleme on our flag read "L'union fait la force" I guess...

Hermione - October 12 2010, 9:43 PM

The embleme on our flag read "L'union fait la force" I guess we lost that a long time.right?

In order for us to make it happen we have to try like any other nations to be one. this time is the time.

We most at all cost have our election.

preval as many of our previous presidents have no dignity.

Dessalines on the other hand paved the way for us so we coul not be in this situation.

We, with the help of others distroy what we should really cared for, as we passing through this world.

we were being killed over the years for who we are, what we have and what we beleived in.

Why aren't they ask for the U.N to give them protection as our election runs smoothly.The problem is simple

We are so rich in gold, petroleum etc...

he regrets that these exploitations wont be done on his term so he wants to leave a successor behind to give him his share.

All the greatest politicians in our country had been killed over the last few years.

and what ever is in Haiti belong to us for the good of the people.

We need to stop letting people make us fight and be one as we have not been since Dessalines.

The election most go on. or may be we need to go home and heal our mother for she has been suffering over 200 years.Some of us will die sure but the rest will prevail from our blood.

Let's not see our skin as usual but others well being.

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