This guy Charles Henry Baker is he haitian? I am just curious...

Negbelair - October 9 2010, 7:45 PM

this guy Charles Henry Baker is he haitian?

I am just curious.

If so witch one of his parents is Haitian most likely his father cause Baker is not French, the reason why I am asking is because I thought to be considered Haitian one has to be born to one or two Haitian parents Basicly one is Haitian by blood not by land according to the Haitian constitution.

If he was simply born in Haiti does that make him Haitian enough to the point where he's running for president.

If that is the case then I am very sad and disappointed cause I am 100% Haitian born (SOU BELAIR) and yet because I am a diaspora as they call me I can't even vote in Haiti's elections what a tragedy.

I am not drawing any conclusions yet I just want some answers about this guy that's all I have nothing against Mr Baker just want transparency.

If anyone has any info on this guy please feel free to E-Mail it to me thank you

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my brother i am 100% with you iam also a so call...

our constitution so stupid before judging me read...

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