Still, you chose Ms. Manigat

Supernova Club Juvenille - October 9 2010, 12:43 PM

More than ever I think it's time to make a choice that meets the needs of nation.Pour be precise we do not really have a choice among all these people's well known that in the last ten decades Launch in the fight to become president while leaving somewhere that they have the capabilities to improve the situation in haiti.

We hear only the horrors of becoming president that can prove to the nation our ability to do things better.

But still being qu'haitien, it will be a presidential election, it is an obligation to choose someone so there will be no selection.

Thus, we will try to choose a very talented person who responds to its capabilities on behalf of Mirlande Manigat, who nevertheless has ignored our votes or a few months ago under pressure from her husband the great Leslie Francois Manigat we will not forget it was ever becaufe humiliation after having Elut Senator to refuse madame, as you have done if you had read this text.

It was a shame for us but being university, we prefer to die trying to bring to power a gifted interllect of that name us as fiat that blow did it.

The future will tell the rest, it was SUPERNOVA Juvenille Club, a club on global character, young or wondering about the future of Haiti despite their geographical positions are not the same.

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