Congratulation! Mrs Manigat, I have a feeling if the election...

Jean Murat Dantilus - October 7 2010, 4:55 PM

congratulation! Mrs Manigat, I have a feeling if the election goes well as planned you will be the 47eme president in the history of haiti.

Therefore, start to plan for the future.

Please the unfortunate earthquake give an opportunity to decentralize haiti and true "REFORM AGRAIRE".

The committee for reconstruction has 30% of the pledge money.

Give the displaced people job first and help them with housing so they can have a sence of ownership, not wellfare.

Don't forget your base, write your name in the mountain of KA PIE so people can see it from national # 1, cotes des acadins is with you the entire people of Arcahaie is with you. May God bless you. ayibobo pou fanm vanyan! Yes you can, Yes we can, Yes Haiti can. We did it before.

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