We all feel your pain my dear. In the candidacy to bring Haiti...

Oli79 - September 27 2010, 6:56 PM

We all feel your pain my dear. In the candidacy to bring Haiti change we have 19 candidates.

Now is do or die, it's either we elect someone that will bring real change to our country, or we elect someone that is in need of power, money, in other words CORRUPTION.

Isn't it time everyone?

Isn't it about damn time we elect someone that will not let the people of Haiti go hungry and not just for the short term but for the long run. Haiti needs to catch up to the rest of the world and we cannot afford another corrupt government.

there are many candidates to choose from and I am sure everyone has their opinion, but I'm going for Charles Henri Baker aka Charlito Baker.

He's the only one who proved to have done something for the PEOPLE.

I did not see anyone other than him go visit the camps after the recent storms and ongoing storms to find out what he could do to help. Even though wyclef is out he still has a lot of support behind him so i hope he chooses Charlito!!! I want to be able to go back to my country also and invest in something and know that the government is there to help. Right the government makes so much money on taxing people importing rice, and other things we can grow in our own home, they are not interested in teaching the people how to farm, how to protect their land, or even give them incentives such as insurance against storms, etc...

Charles Henri Baker is an agronome, he respects the land from what I've seen and he even said it, He will help the agriculture and industriel sections of Haiti, give jobs, and allow people to feed themselves.

i believe in him.

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I bet you are a teacher... You are so right, borther...

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