Well, i am not against any political views of any other...

Jean Claude - September 24 2010, 9:05 AM

well, i am not against any political views of any other persons in fact, i am not a politician, but after all, i am Haitian and no one can take it away from me it is a gift from god and it stains for ever no matter what i may try to do. We are living in a world, where civilization, development and technology must be the core focus of any particular group of people or Nation it does not matter what color, creed or language, We all have to get on the boat of Human advancement.

So, this was a great example that must be considered, that's my opinion.

"Union Fait la Force" nan bon kreol, "linite fe la fos" "Unity is Strength" c'est pas moi qui l'a dit, mais la constitution Haitienne.

di mwen, eske se manti?

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