Everyone who talks againt Michel Martelly, is your problem, i...

Dj Connection - September 19 2010, 11:12 AM

Everyone who talks againt Michel Martelly, is your problem, i respctfully respect your opinions, but when I compare all these 19 cantidates, I see michel is my first choice, and beker is my second, I know michel has an immoral behavior, but at the same time how many of these past haitians leaders have worse that that by destroying the country's economy, kidnapping, exsecution and more....

michel prove me he can ispire all haitians to change this country for the better.

I checked on how he describe the situations all his interviews, Martelly said things that I always want to hear from a real haitian leader, i like michel he has the (can do attitude) ONE THING MICHEL SAID MAKES ME FEEL THAT I DESERVE MY FULL SUPPORT( WE DONT NEED TO WAIT FOR THE WHITE MAN TO COME START HELPING US START CLEANNING/REBUILD THE PALAIS, WE, AS HAITTIEN IS OUR RESPONSABILITY TO START, WHERE HE SAID HE WILL PUT HIS BOOTS AS GESTURE GO ON THE STREET WITH EVERYBOY, WHEN I REAR THAT I WAS CRIYING, THINK ABOUT IT ALL THE HAITIANS CLASS POLITIC WANT TO START RIOT TO SEND PREVAL AND THE CEP AWAY, IMAGINE IN THE POLITICAL LEADER SUE THE SAME TACTIC TO ENCOURAGE EVERYBOY TO GO IN THE STREET INSTEAD ON STARTING RIOT AGINST PREVAL START RIOT AGAINST THE TRASH AND DEBRIS IN THE STREET WHOMEVER LEADER WHO START SOMETHING LIKE THAT WILL GET MY VOTE. i really admire him, he is a versitile guy, he identify himself on all class in haiti, educated, entertainment class, poor, black, mulato bougeois, paysan, his suagger proves people cannot mess with him like they with preval i also see on michel 75% of duvalier, i like, today, haitian people need a real leader to put them in line, someone who means biz.I am in philly pa, i will try my best to support the candidacy of michel martelly, in general michel is a people person, he can handle a debate, maybe he will become the next chavez/castro in haiti where the international community will stop messing with us. michel we will look at them in the eyes and stand up told like a man, just ot bring our pride back as it was on the duvalier time. (sorry the first psot has a lot of mistake i was on the rush)

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