Sweet Micky Answers Questions About His Image - Can He Be President?

Haitian Presidential candidate answers the tough question about being Sweet Micky, he who pulls down his pants on stage, can that image become president of the Republic of Haiti? Listen what he has to say about it...

Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky

was asked this question:

"Everywhere you go, you pull your pants down... do you believe that you deserve the support of the Haiti people and to represent them on the International level"

Listen to what he had to say about it:

(video not available)

Well... What do you think?

For those of you who don't understand French...

Basically says that as Haitians we have to be able to establish the difference between the performer and the "personage"

"If Christopher Reeves was really Superman," says, "he would not die the way he did. I pull down my pants in show business but the Haitian politicians have been pull down their pants for the last 20 years..."

He says that what he does on stage has nothing to do with who is is.

Note: This is a cropped version of a full interview "" posted on Facebook by Franck Villarceau

Again... What do you think?

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Jorie says...

well said! He is my least

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Tigeorges says...

Yes....You are right...Michel sounds like a dictator...I am very positive that Haiti needs one right now to shape up

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Josy says...

WOW! We are nasty, and this is why Sweet Mickey pulled down his pants on stage.

You need to reply in French, or English and I do not read Creole.

You should be able to pick up English quicker if you do not speak French, because your brain is less crowded and need to write in English.

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Mjb says...

You know something, let him be the president of your funky vagina.And in Italy the taught Italiy

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Mjb says...

I agree with Roseline, He is a bastard.

In any country a great performer would never act the way he did with the haitian people, he has no respect for them.when it comes to charity, he only gave a little bit of what he took from this

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Jean-marie says...

In the quest for salvation of the country that we all love, I don't really think that someone with brain would waste the time to go voting for such an individual.

On stage he drops his pants, what's going to happen in the national palace, he will turn it into a

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Charlemagne says...

I have to admit and heard Martelly speech.

It was quit moving!

The only thing to worry about now is his long cemented connection with corrupted people in Haiti.

Speeches are always beautiful.

Now we will see if the people will believe in him in November


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Charlemagne says...

Thank you

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Lourdes says...

The exact title of the interview on youtube between Raymond Laurent and Michel Martelly is "audio interview on CKUT" it is from 1 to 5. Hope I was

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Charlemagne says...

Can you please write the exact title name of that interview on youtube between Raymond Laurent and Mickey so that I can find it. Thank

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